SPC Founder Ruchi Sanghvi on the 20VC Podcast

SPC's founding member shared her journey to becoming an investor, SPC's approach to helping founders, -1 to 0, and more.

SPC Founder Ruchi Sanghvi on the 20VC Podcast

South Park Commons' founding member and partner Ruchi Sanghvi was featured today on the Twenty Minute VC podcast with Harry Stebbings. She shared stories from her time building Facebook and Dropbox, how and why she started SPC, her reluctant path to becoming an investor, why the venture industry needs to innovate, the impact of web3/DAOs on venture, and much more.

Episode Highlights

  • Ruchi's experience as the first female engineer at Facebook and later as an executive at Dropbox, how those roles required very different skillsets, and why the products companies build often lead to starkly different company values.
  • The story of SPC's founding, from a reading group for high-achieving, unemployed technical people to the community and fund structure of today.
  • How and why venture capital needs to adopt the innovation mindset it expects from founders and how founders should seek out that mindset in their investors.
  • Why Ruchi thinks web3 investing is still early, how the principles of investing in crypto aren't as difficult to learn as many crypto funds might suggest, and what DAOs are likely to mean for the future of venture.
  • The importance of the -1 to 0 phase of the founder journey, why it's too often neglected, and how founders can improve their odds of success and personal fulfillment by focusing on it.
  • How to manage ego after early success, be honest about insecurities and personal weaknesses, and learn the difference between chasing life and living life.
  • A recounting of Ruchi's first interview with Mark Zuckerberg after the rest of the early Facebook team failed to show up to the office.

It's a fun, wide-ranging, and revealing interview—we encourage you to check it out!