Recapping the SPC-Replit AI Hackathon

Check out the impressive demos from this week-long AI hackathon!

Recapping the SPC-Replit AI Hackathon

The recent SPC-Replit AI Hackathon brought together talented builders from the SPC community and Replit network to show off their technical chops and creativity by building cutting-edge AI applications. Participants had a week to develop a working demo that incorporated AI in some capacity and was built on Replit. From meal planning to baby-AGI's and even a bot that points out logical fallacies, these projects are proof of the limitless potential of AI.

Check out the individual project highlights below!

Dialectic - Improving Conversational Health - 1st Place 🥇

Team: Somudro Gupta & Casey Caruso

Dialectic aims to enhance conversational health by identifying logical fallacies in discussions and suggesting ways for people to communicate and disagree more productively.

Parallel Video Control Net - 2nd Place 🥈

Team: Rob Cheung

This project allows video inference pipelines to run in parallel across a fully serverless architecture without the need for MLOps.

OpenAGI (aka DAN) - 3rd Place 🥉

Team: Jesse Hu & Jeremy Fox

OpenAGI is a modular framework for building autonomous agents, created from scratch to make an AutoGPT that truly works. The hackathon implementation included tools like search, email, user interaction, and even phone calls (via Vocode).

Auto Analyst

Team: Dmitry Chechik & Aerin Kim

Auto Analyst produces detailed reports complete with trends and recommendations for business users by automating a data analyst workflow, learning the data environment, generating hypotheses, running SQL queries, and creating slide decks.


Team: Lauren Johnston

NutriVerify makes it easy to access fact-checked information about supplements without leaving an online shopping web page.


Team: Dominick Lim & Phu Nguyen

ditto is a Replit extension that indexes codebases, offering high-level summaries, code samples for experimentation, and generated documentation for later reference.

Meal Plan Together

Team: Hyunghwan Byun

Meal Plan Together streamlines the process of creating personalized, stress-free weekly meal plans for households. Using GPT, this app generates meal plans that cater to everyone's dietary preferences and restrictions, allowing users to collaborate with friends and family.


Team: Arthur Yidi & Vishal Chandawarkar

Verbalista is a fun and simple language learning application that uses AI to create an enjoyable and straightforward learning experience.

AI Slack Bot for Community Building

Team: Pardha Ponugoti & Arian Agrawal

This project features an AI-powered Slackbot that boosts SPC community engagement by connecting members with common interests.


Team: Joeri Leemans

ProtoPRO is a chat-GPT plugin that reads developer docs and interacts with Replit, enabling non-engineers to prototype apps by simply describing their desired outcome.

PhysioAI - AI Scribe for Physical Therapists

Team: Ben Lubkin, Varun Arora, & Digvijay Makwana

PhysioAI assists physical therapists in taking notes on patients' conditions and summarizing them in SOAP note format.

The Never Ending Debate

Team: Steffen Holm

This project helps voters make informed decisions by simulating debates between two AI agents, providing fair representations of both sides.


Team: Brian Kim

Spellbook allows users to create and deploy Ethereum smart contracts on the Goerli test network using natural language.

WTF did we just talk about?

Team: Casey Caruso & Daniel Armitage

This project enables users to instantly summarize lengthy conversations, with extensions such as summarizing as a story, poem, or bullet points, and converting conversations into text2image prompts for unique memory preservation.

Bring Your Own Model

Team: Erick Friis

BYOM - Bring your own model. Allow users to authenticate and use their OpenAI api keys without requiring them to paste it into a bunch of sites.

ChatGPT Code Plugin

Team: Diego Basch

This ChatGPT plugin allows the AI to execute code and perform tasks such as math calculations, expanding its range of capabilities.

LunchBuddy - AI-Powered Entertainment

Team: Diego Salvatierra & Bryant Wolf

LunchBuddy offers personalized entertainment by creating fantasy soccer matches or fan fiction based on user interests. Users actively participate in the storytelling by choosing characters and plot twists.

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