Recapping SPC Demo Faire December 2023

Don't miss the latest and greatest LIVE DEMOS from SPC members and alumni.

Recapping SPC Demo Faire December 2023

Demo Faire December 2023 was our most attended demo event ever. It featured an all-star lineup of current SPC members and alumni showing off advanced AI agents, new forms of generative AI, the cutting edge of scam detection, a literal satellite, and more. These were all live demos, a rule we insist on to maintain and celebrate SPC's builder culture.

Check out our recap of the December 2023 demos below. About half were off-the-record, so if you want to see the future with everything the SPC community is building, you'll have to join us live at our Spring Demo Faire in New York!

Don't miss the individual demo recaps below!


Founder and CEO Seth Forsgren kicked things off with a funky beat using Riffusion, a new generative music AI. The team trains state-of-the-art foundational AI models and millions have made music with their products. You can start generating your own riffs, including lyrics, at


Co-founder Jon Noronha dazzled with Gamma, a new medium for presenting ideas beautifully with AI. Imagine you're meeting a client for a first time—with Gamma, you can simply ask it to make you a new pitch deck customized to that client. Or, as Jon showed in the demo, a Year In Review document for SPC Founder Ruchi. Use Gamma yourself at


Co-founder and CTO Rahul Madduluri showed us how Doppel is protecting users from the rapidly evolving scam and fakes landscape. From large corporate clients to presidential campaigns, Doppel actively monitors, detects, categorizes, and removes fakes—critical security in the new era of generative AI. Learn more at


Jiachen Yang, a member of the most recent Founder Fellowship, wowed us with a live demo of Simular, an AI agent on your personal device that perceives, reasons, and takes action. During the demo, Simular scheduled a meeting and called up Jiachen's Co-founder, Ang Li, live in front of the audience—and a lot more. Seriously, don't miss this demo. Sign up for the waitlist at


Co-founders Dina Yerlan, John Qian, and Axel Setyanto previewed Matrices, an AI interface to automate your work at scale. Starting with the world's most common programming interface—spreadsheets!—this rockstar team is building the AI that finally delivers on the promise of taking over mundane, time-consuming work. Sign up for access at

Founder Fellows Chris Kruger and Steffen Holm revealed the future of AI-powered generative storytelling. Jars turns social chat prompts into 2-3 minute episodes in real time. Imagine a new form of entertainment somewhere between video games and TV—or better than imagine, watch the courtroom drama the team demoed or generate your own at


Founder Fellow alum Abiel Gutierrez demoed Comun, the neobank for latino immigrant families. The traditional process for opening something as critical as a bank account is frustrating for many immigrants—Comun makes it simple and easy. Check it out at


SPC Founder Fellows Rob Cheung and Ben Guo gave us a sneak peak of Substrate: performant, cost effective SDKs for AI inference over open source models. Describe complex inference graphs, and Substrate will execute them as efficiently as possible.


Co-founder and CEO Amit Jain returned to impress with the latest from Luma AI—visual AI and foundation models that can show what we see in our mind's eye. Luma can generate fully 3D-consistent multi-view objects with a video diffusion model that understands 3D called Genie. Start generating your own 3D objects at


Former Founder Fellow Dhruv Guliani previewed Keplar, the world’s first customer simulation platform that enables companies to co-create new products, refine offerings, and iterate on marketing assets with data-driven “digital twins” of their customers. Get early access at

Muon Space

Co-founder & CTO Pascal Stang gave us an out-of-this-world hardware demo of a satellite thermal sensor prototype destined to reach orbit in early 2025. Muon Space enables Earth observation and accessible planetary intelligence, collecting data from space about climate change, natural resources, and extreme weather. Learn more at

Revelation Health

Co-founders Amit Kulkarni, Guy Cavet, and Vinayak Kulkarni, members of the most recent Founder Fellowship, closed things out with a demo of Nadia, the launch product for their company Revelation Health. Nadia is an AI health companion that knows your medical history and offers personalized support, knowledge, and empathy for your health journey.  Sign up for the beta at

We hope you enjoyed these demos as much as we did. Stay tuned for word on our next SPC Demo Faire! And if you're in the -1 to 0 stage and interested in SPC membership, apply with the application below.