Recapping the SPC Crypto Hackathon

Check out the projects produced in the first SPC Crypto Hackathon!

Recapping the SPC Crypto Hackathon

Over the last few years, we’ve seen growing enthusiasm in SPC for all things crypto and web3. And when the people in a community dedicated to exploring the most exciting technical frontiers and market opportunities all seem to turn to the same area at once — that’s a strong signal. So last weekend, we decided to tune in and host the first SPC Crypto Hackathon.

The results confirmed why so many members are exploring web3: this stuff is fun. Web3 brings a sense of play that’s reflected in the hackathon projects. 15 SPC members participated in four teams over two days. A special thanks to SPC members Charles for organizing and Mark for creating the participation NFT (pictured above). The teams competed for $2K in NFT prizes. Read on to find out who won!

Here’s what each team hacked together.


Team Members: Samantha, Diego, Nadia, & Jared
Live Demo:

Who doesn’t love a good old fashioned treasure hunt? Bringing the throwback fun of geocaching to the web3 era, GeoNFT lets users find and mint NFTs near their real-world location.


Team Members: Ben, Taisuke, Mark, & Omar
Github Repo:

This team built a DeFi product in two days, which perhaps helps explain why so many people are excited about the possibilities for DeFi. FractionaLoan enables lenders to manage risk by fractionalizing their loans.

Octopus Fun

Team Members: Michael, Ashita, Jeet, Mika, & Charles
Live Demo:

An NFT game inspired by a particularly popular television show. Mint an NFT and play through 6 rounds. If you don’t get eliminated, you win the prize pot!

Stealth Project

Team Members: Zo & Kunal

The final team is staying stealthy about their project. Intriguing!

Photo by Emily Morter on Unsplash

After two days of hacking, each team presented their project to the wider SPC community, which voted to determine the winner.

And the winner was…


Congratulations to Samantha, Diego, Nadia, and Jared. We look forward to seeing what all of the participants work on next! 🚀